Ultimate in Cool – Chrissie Hyde Kicks it Off

Last month Glastonbury was kicked off by my all time rock heroine. A 65 year old no less and for me, the ultimate iconic rock chick – Chrissie. Hynde. Love Her.



Added to that, Chrissie was wearing – sorry ROCKING, skinny jeans and a Motorhead T-shirt (disclaimer: FSC’s all time favourite song is Ace of Spades by Motorhead. Don’t judge me).


Not Just Ace – She’s Special. So Special. Geddit?


Voice sounding great- loads of energy and bags of attitude, strutting across the stage and really, being an all round inspirational lady for any generation.

She started out working at the infamous SEX shop on the Kings Road and the punk ethos of truly not giving a flying F**K, has lived on in Chrissie ever since.

To me she is cool because that’s the last thing she tries to be. She just is what she is.

There are many reasons I love Chrissie Hynde. I first saw her live in concert in the mid-late 80’s and what struck me, was that she had 2 pencils masquerading as stilts for legs! My teenage self was in complete awe. That and the way she drawled and sneered and generally was the coolest woman I’d ever seen.

She then went on to marry Jim Kerr of Simple Minds – my favourite band of that era, could she be any cooler?!

Well yes, she could and she is. Every time I hear or read an interview (something she apparently is loathed to do) Chrissie comes across as self effacing, ‘I don’t have great hair, I just have to do what I can with it’

Committed vegan and anti-fur and animal rights campaigner, she is truly a woman of substance.

Mucho respect and a MAJOR style inspiration to others of the Rock Chick persuasion  – see Kate Moss, Emanuelle Alt, Alison Mosshart of The Kills and Karen O to name a few.


I Don’t Give a Damn About My Bad Reputation

In the same vein as Ms Hynde, is the fabulous Joan Jett. Now, I wouldn’t exactly describe myself as a rock fan per se – but I do love Bad Reputation by Joan Jett.

It’s a bit of an anthem for me (especially when I have raging PMT and I hate everyone, then I really DON’T give a damn about my bad reputation!!!). It defo connects with my inner punk.


Joan – She does not give a DAMN


Kate Moss (Model Chrissie)

I’d hazard a guess Mossy doesn’t give a damn about her rep either… Here she is rocking a CH vibe in the appropriately named Rockins scarves.

Karen O (Music Chrissie)

Another musician heavy of fringe and eye kohl is Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. A modern day Chrissie if ever I saw one, with her own twist (more of Karen in other articles I’m sure. as I love her style too).

Even when pregnant – she rocks it.

Emmanuelle Alt (Fashion Chrissie)


Editor in Chief of French Vogue and Style Goddess. 

Leather, animal prints, black, more leather, stiletto heels – what more do you need? Well, maybe being skinny and French wouldn’t hurt, but there are still styles tips to be had here.

Incidentally, almost all the women featured in this article are over 40 – Emmanuelle Alt is 50 (I know – as if!) Proof, as if proof were needed, that you most certainly DO NOT need to dress like your mama when you become one yourself…





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