Style Crush – Solange Knowles

She’s not 40 something but she IS creative.

Living under the shadow of big sister Beyonce is not an enviable place to be, but Solange Knowles’ personal style and bold fashion choices make her shine.

Last week I spotted her looking effortlessly cool, once again, in a white cape-sleeved top, jeans and Teva sandals. It reminded me why I love her.

Solange puts together clashing prints, bold shapes and brights colours with confidence. They never overshadow her  – she most definitely wears them.

She’s long been a style crush of mine so let’s have a scan at some of her best looks….



Crazy in Love? I think so! My heart almost missed a beat when I saw these photos. OMG, I love, love, LOVE Solange’s wedding outfits (outfits!!). Yes I know it’s 2 years ago, but it still looks fresh.

Granted, the exposure of boobage is a little too much for my taste – I like peeps to look at my face when I’m talking, but Solange rocks it so I’ll let her off.


You can keep boho brides and pretty princesses, for me THIS is how to get hitched in style.



Solange does love a cape sleeve as I do myself – so this scores high (minus 2 points for cleavage on your wedding day – soz Sol).

As for the rest, the cape, the cut of the pants, backless, the bike with flowers?! – Gorge.


The Cape makes an altogether more regal appearance for outfit number 2 (or is that 3?) for what looks like the main event. Definitely looks like it was inspired by the Tom Ford gown worn by Gwynnie at the Oscars 2 years previously – the best she’s ever looked IMHO – but it’s the perfect wedding gown and the gold cuffs take it to the upper echelons of bridal fashion – YUM!



Gwyneth in Tom Ford, Oscars 2012


Sol and Son leading the Band at the after party in New Orleans

Solange and her Hubby to Be en route to the Pre-Wedding Dinner



The pre-wedding outfit sticks with the trousers/short/cape/drape theme.

Then back to a caped jumpsuit for the after party. This time the cape looks like it’s layered with beautiful silk organza – Italian I would hazard a guess? The reason I say this dear reader, is I made my own wedding dress a decade and a half ago and had a layer of said fabric in my dress.

I would say the other fabric is silk satin backed crepe – beautiful drape (yeah I had that too) Ahem…


Moving on…


Is it me or Solange who’s a little bit obsessed with the old cape sleeved top?! Even I’m getting bored now Sol – as if , Gimme MORE! It works in any situation; getting married? Check, off out to an awards ceremony? (every week) check or merely nipping out for a pint of milk? Check!!

My favourite outfit of the above 3 is definitely the jeans, Cape top and Teva sandals combo *sigh* I just love her….



Well, if I were a boy, I’d have a sex change so I could look like THIS! (Not really, just trying to seamlessly crowbar in the Bey hits…)



But seriously, Solange has the sartorial elegance I’d like to aspire to. I love the way she effortlessly modernises more formal attire. Trainers with tailored pants anyone?  TICK. A girl after my own heart.

Her looks can be easily adapted to inspire a contemporary take on workwear. Why wear a plain solid Navy when you can smile every day in the office wearing a lovely printed suit? No brainer.

Zara, Whistles and even COS have printed suits that can pass as work wear and then transformed into an evening outfit with the addition of some metallic heels or bold jewellery. Study this lady and take note!



I love these choices, but I realise most would need a few stiff bevvies to have the nerve to actually walk outside their front door wearing them. When I was a fashion student I would have DEFO given these a bang, but as a middle aged mother of 2 – I might have second thoughts.


However, I do still rock a bit of gold lame (“You can NEVER have too much Glitter”  a wise friend once told me) and I do love yellow, as you may be able to tell….

In my view, as long as you feel good – you’re never too old to experiment with colour –  so thank you for being you Solange Knowles. You Run the World Girl.






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