Art& Design Lost Weekend – Part 2

Part 2 of our little trot around the Arty haunts of London, took in the RA Summer Exhibition and Grayson Perry at The Serpentine Gallery.

(Granted, I’m tres late in posting this – I blame Back to School bonkersness – must get slicker at this blogging malarkey…)


First up, The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition.

We hit upon this by chance, not realising it was on. It was lucky we did, as it was the final day. Saw loads and loads of great art (aswell as a few  duffers) – could have spent literally££££’s if only I had deeper pockets…

As it’s now sadly finished, here is a virtual visit via the power of You Tube – enjoy.


The Royal Academy in all it’s glory


It was so exhilarating. The art equivalent of skipping through an Austrian Mountaintop meadow. So with that image in mind, let’s quote Maria Von Trapp – these are a few of my favourite things!


By far my favourites of the whole exhibition were these stunning paintings by John Wragg.

This one below is my most favourite – but I’d be happy with any of them…

Really love this – Nervous Man – but sadly someone beat me to it. Which is a shame as I had the £10k in my back pocket…

Nervous Man by John Wragg


Coin-Op, Brixton by Michelle Heron


Buffalo Grill by Jock McFadyen


While there is definitely the bold and colourful me, there is also the monotone and minimal me.

The next group of artworks – Identical Shapes appeal to the latter me (it could be argued that there are many more me’s – but that’s a whole other post for another day).

These pieces were part of a series by John Carter and I could totally see them in my living room (except sadly, they’re not…)


One Column, Eight Identical Shapes – John Carter


Three Columns, Eight Identical Shapes – John Carter


Identical Shapes, Variation – John Carter


Finally on our little whistlestop tour of the RA, are these two smashers by Bob + Roberta Smith.

Letter to Donald Trump – Bob+Roberta Smith


There is Still Art, There is Still Hope – Bob+Roberta Smith


“Where there is Art, there is Hope”

Amen to that.


The Most Popular Art Exhibition Ever!  -Grayson Perry.

We then went to The Serpentine Gallery to see Mr Art Everyman himself, Grayson Perry.

What’s not to love about Grayson? He’s one of the few artists to talk about ideas behind creating art and make it accessible to the masses. As a pot throwing tranny, that’s quite a feat.

His easy, affable style have made for great TV. Whilst being really enjoyable though, they have brought him some derision in the art press for becoming too populist. Can’t Win.

Either way, the exhibition had some high points and was worth a wander.



Patriotic Sketchbook


Grayson’s unique take on the Secret Life of Pets


Those pesky cats are still at it


More Political Art – Maybot in Grey


Bit more colour – lot more scary


Everyone’s Are


That’ll be the day


Mrs & Mr Perry – Awwwww

















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