Art & Design Lost Weekend in London – Part 1


I’ve not lived in the capital for many years. So when a child-free weekend presented itself, Mr FSC and myself hotfooted it back to his home town for a bit of Art & Design R&R.

Both being arts grads, the chance to wander round as many galleries and exhibitions as we liked without constant drones of “I’m booooored”, was too good to resist. And so it was. A lost weekend in London, in the World of Art and Design – bliss.

First stop on our tour was the Design Museum, neither of us knew it had moved to Kensington (in 2016 – dur), to a fabulous new space. The architecture alone is awe inspiring, with plenty of places to sit and take notes or just contemplate (man).





In keeping with that vibe, we had tickets to see California – Designing Freedom. This exhibition explored design from the LSD popping designers of the 60’s counterculture, to the iDominance of Apple today.





Nice type – hand-drawn!


It also included graphics from the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics, as well as design influences from the surf/skate community.





Make Cool Stuff 


My favourite part of the Design Museum (apart from the shop!) was the DESIGNER MAKER USER rotating graphic wall designed by the fabulously colourful Morag Myerscough. I confess I’d never heard of Morag before, then she popped up on my Instagram feed when she took over the Design Museum’s Insta account. Her work is right up my alley, bold bright and graphic – yum yum.



Bookshops in galleries are a must for me, so I spent a long while perusing and sadly didn’t get away without a bit of a splurge – just a small one.  The colour coded merchandising reminded me a bit of Insta interiors, but was lovely all the same and made me spend – so did it’s job!!


California – Designing Freedom is on until 27th October, but there is a permanent display as well as upcoming exhibitions.







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