A bit about me…

Hello, I’m a Forty Something Creative!

Fashion apparel design** is my particular area, but I really love all creative arts.

I’ve had a long held ambition to start my own biz, but for whatever reason (fear generally, followed by domestic drudgery)  I haven’t.


I’m passionate about Made in England and love the recent groundswell of artisans and local designer/makers. I’m also passionate/infuriated, that for many, a creative career can become uncertain over the age of 40.

This is something certainly I, but many of my friends were unaware of – until we hit 40ish. My head knows there are many vibrant people out there, still kicking it;  but self employment seems the only route to longevity… Either that, or a radical career change, which I don’t want.

On my quest to follow a new creative path, a friend suggested I write a blog, so here I am.

This is my first foray into social media as I’m quite private, but thought it might be a good way of exploring ideas on what to do next.

Hope you get something from it – if indeed anyone is actually reading.

Hello? Anyone there?! …


**While I love clothes, there won’t be any snaps of me on here “modelling” (heaven forbid). There are plenty of great “What to wear in your 40’s” blogs, but this ain’t it.

That’s not to say I won’t ever cover fashion, never say never, but it won’t be me in a Leandra Cohen styley.